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A world-changing idea begins with curiosity. At Chapman, we are fully invested in fostering that curiosity and the individuals with the passionate drive to explore the answers.

From Environmental and food sciences to big data and economic, research and creative activity at Chapman University is embed into every subject in every school. Chapman has world renowned faculty and established national and international prominence with several Institutes and Centers that promote interdisciplinary research.

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Drop-in and chat LIVE with Chapman’s Vice President for Research Thomas Piechota, PhD, PE and Chapman’s Director of Industry Alliances and Commercialization Lawrence Lau via Zoom during the Forecast 2:30 – 5 p.m.

Industry Partners in Research

Tap into groundbreaking research and collaborate with Chapman’s pioneering experts and students across a range of disciplines to pursue solutions to the challenges facing your industry.

COVID-19 Research

With the goal of helping find solutions to the coronavirus pandemic and studying its impacts on society, Chapman University has awarded nearly $95,000 in research grants to faculty in fields ranging from bioscience to public health policy. The awards represent a diversity of research and enable researchers to examine varied topics, including the effect of health disparities on COVID-19 death rates in New York and Los Angeles.